Jam Up Intruders!®

It’s the extra security you need for your sliding glass doors and windows.

Thieves can get past locks. Burglars can disable alarms. Intruders can find that one window or door you closed but forgot to latch.

They can’t get past the Loc Stik®.

The revolutionary Loc Stik® is the newest way to protect your home and family without spending a fortune. The Loc Stik® simply jams the tracks of sliding doors and windows, giving the locks added reinforcement.

Everyone Can Use Loc Stik!

The L-shaped, waist-high design allows for users of all ages and physical abilities to easily put the Loc Stik® in place without added bending or physical stress. It does away with the broomsticks or dowels some might place in their door tracks, which can be difficult to retrieve without bodily stress or causing broken nails.

Light Weight and Compact.

The lightweight Loc Stik® was created by a senior citizen who was tired of straining in his effort to reinforce his doors against intruders.

It’s lightweight steel is extremely strong and its silver (powder coated) color blends into the frame of most sliding glass doors, making it nearly invisible.

The Loc Stik® is compact, and can be easily stored in a pantry when not being used, or simply tilted upright against the track until it is used again.

Keep Intruders Out and Toddlers In

The Loc Stik® is recommended by police and fire departments for more than its ability to keep intruders out. It can also keep curious toddlers in. The device gives parents and caregivers an added layer of protection when it comes to kids who can open locks, but shouldn’t go outside because of swimming pools or other dangers. In case of a fire, it is easy to remove to exit your home quickly and safely.

The best part about the Loc Stik® is its affordability. It’s priced right. Safety shouldn’t cost a fortune.

With the Loc Stik®, it’s easy and inexpensive to stick it to intruders.

Loc Stik® is a patented product designed for home safety. It comes in a variety of colors, and is equipped with an adjustable tip to ensure the perfect fit for a variety of windows and doors. It is designed with safety, but also comfort in mind, and is appropriate for wheelchair-dependent individuals.